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I am a self-taught abstract artist living in Morecambe, Lancashire. I primarily work with acrylics and mixed media on canvas. Inspiration can come from anywhere, a thought, a feeling, my surroundings, the elements, the list is endless. For me the process of translating inspiration into a physical representation is therapeutic for the soul.

My work is emotional, metaphorical, tactile and an extension of who I am as a human, a woman, a mum, a wife and an artist. Every piece produced is truly unique. From the mixture of emotions felt whilst creating the work to the combination of paints and textures used to express them.

I use a variety of techniques to create each work, usually starting with a layer of texture. Next I lay down the paint, the method used is often dictated by the texture of the canvas and how I want the piece to feel. The road to completing a piece is different every time, it’s a delicate process of addition, revision, adjustment, sometimes even subtraction, all in a bid to capture my vision on canvas for all to see.

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