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I create dynamic and evocative abstract paintings that capture the raw spirit of the landscape. Growing up in the Lake District, instilled me with a deep-rooted connection to the fells, lakes, and coastline of Cumbria. Rather than strive to recreate a realistic representation of the scene in front of me, I seek to distil the essence of my response to it, expressing it in a way that looks beyond the obvious.

My process always begins in reality - spending time in the local landscape soaking in the atmosphere, noticing and capturing key features and characteristics through photographs and sketches. A scruff of brightly coloured rope tied to a farm gate, the distinctive shape of a local hillside, the tangle of brambles in the hedgerow or maybe the colours and patterns of the lichen growing on the rocks. These little glimpses will ultimately re-emerge within the layers of the paintings so that new surprises are waiting to be discovered each time the painting is viewed.

Back in the studio, working primarily on canvas or wood panels, I use acrylics, collage, and mixed media to build up depth through many layers, using my sketches and observations as a guide, allowing the composition to emerge. I often complete the painting with thin layers of oil paint to provide a more subtle and natural finish. Each artwork is truly unique. I love that when I begin, I don’t know how the final piece will look. The painting and I embark on an adventure together from which it ultimately emerges.

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