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Rachel Singleton

07309 119752
Studio Little Langdale, Ambleside LA22 9NT
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As a contemporary wildlife artist living in the heart of the Cumbrian fells, my inspiration comes from the land around me and its sometimes secretive, always fascinating inhabitants.

I love to observe the birds and animals around me, often connecting with them at the quieter times of days, or finding them crossing my path at unexpected times and in unusual ways.

I came to art in my early 40s and I am a self-taught watercolour artist. I love to explore and experiment with a blend of abstraction and detail, playing with the looseness watercolour allows as well as the way that it makes exquisite detail possible.

I constantly seek to capture something of the movement, energy and essence of the beautiful creatures that surround us. It is my hope that my paintings serve to gently reconnect the viewer back to the loveliness and vulnerability of our wild life, and serve as a gentle reminder that we are the stewards of their habitats in these times. A portion from the profits of my paintings goes to local wildlife conservation.

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