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Mike Barlow

015242 62996
Robins Close Barn, Mashiters, Tatham, Lancaster LA2 8PH
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I work in acrylics, gouache and graphite. My main concern is the making of abstract/symbolic work, using colour, design and, in the constructions, the intrinsic qualities of found material. The influence of landscape is there and I have occasional forays into the figurative, but I prefer making non-representational work which stands up in its own right. This can involve the process leading me by the nose, drawing on my own internal sense of when something is working.

I particularly like and admire many of the St Ives modernists: Barnes Graham, Ben Nicholson, John Wells, Paul Feiler, Brian Wynter, and the more contemporary Matthew Lanyon.

Lived and worked in North West of England since 1970.
1987-1988. CNAA post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy,

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