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Mary Sanders

07803 047687
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I am a contemporary abstract painter, who is inspired by the atmosphere and features of rugged landscapes and in particular the fells of the Lake District where I live and work. It is the emotional response and memory of place which ignites my paintings. My work reflects an interest in colour, texture, movement and mark making. My practice mainly utilises acrylics and mixed media but experimentation with techniques and materials is fundamental to my art. My process begins by immersing myself in the landscape and responding with sketches fuelled by a multi sensory approach. Often I use unusual mark making implements such as feathers, twigs or reeds coupled with inks and charcoal. These sketches provide inspiration once back in the studio. Working in a series, my paintings evolve using initial intuitive layers of colour and marks which are then scraped and scratched into, often revealing a hint of unexpected colour or texture. This process is ongoing until the work takes shape and becomes more refined and ultimately resolved. Taking risks is at the heart of my work and I aim to produce dynamic pieces which will excite the viewer.

I currently have work exhibited in several galleries both locally and in Scotland. In 2023 I was asked by Abbot Hall, Kendal, to provide paintings to show in conjunction with the reopening and the Julie Brooks’ exhibition. I also have work on permanent display at the Langdale Hotel. In 2022 at the Lake Artists Summer exhibition I was awarded the Peter Tyson prize for an abstract, conceptual or innovative piece of work.

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