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Liz Tracey

0777 679 2907
Studio: Crosby Garrett
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Instagram  @liztracey4

I primarily paint contemporary pictures in acrylic and mixed media and find great inspiration in my North Pennine surroundings.

I live in Crosby Garrett and this wonderful location challenges me to capture the constantly changing light, mood and spirit of my environment. I enjoy mark making using a variety of tools to make a less than realistic depiction of the subject from flora to the landscape. Scratching through layers of paint to reveal the colours beneath adds texture to the painting. Many semi realistic pieces begin with a realistic drawing on the canvas which is then abstracted and developed. Acrylics are such a forgiving and adaptable medium, used from thin layers to impasto.​

Along with Green Door I am a member of the Brough and Stainmore Art Group and Lloyds London Art Group.

I have successfully exhibited in open and group exhibitions. My latest solo exhibition is at the Ruskin Museum Coniston from April to June 2024.

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