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Helen Burgess

07967 835773
Middlerow Farmhouse, Lupton, Kirkby Lonsdale LA6 2PZ
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I studied Psychology at Bath University and went to Bristol School of Art for an Arts Foundation course. I completed a master’s degree in fine art at the University of the West of England exploring how art can convey an experience of place, using the medium of large-scale site-specific pinhole installations.

Over the last ten years my work has evolved, and I now enjoy using ceramics and papercut artwork to explore our experience of place and the landscape. My ceramic sculptural artwork is created from hundreds of individually hand-crafted porcelain clay pieces. Carefully chosen areas of vintage maps and texts are imprinted onto select porcelain clay pieces, building a beautiful, rich visual landscape. Every piece is hand glazed using a range of different coloured tones and hues.

Papercut artwork involves a wealth of research to carefully choose sections of vintage maps and unique texts. The gorgeous colours in each artwork come exclusively from the old maps to create a rich geographic landscape. Individual paper pieces are crafted into conical shapes and secured in place with an elegant entomology pin to preserve the landscape of memories.

I am lucky enough to live and work from my studio in a quiet Cumbrian valley.

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