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Erica Flint

015395 31956
07422 964601
Studio 3 Browside, Backbarrow, Ulverston LA12 8QR
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Visual art provides a means of communication which overrides spoken language, engaging directly with emotions and feelings which underlie what we think and feel. Art can open up our perceptions not only of the visual field but also of ideas and understanding on which our attitudes and actions are based.

I paint in order to communicate. At the same time, I need to achieve an aesthetic solution to my thoughts and so work within the parameters of visual experience dependant on balance in colour, tone, composition. I feel this gives greater strength to what I am saying through visual terms.

I also paint and draw conventional subjects and create small prints as part of the creative process; drawing and painting are essential disciplines on which my main work is based.

I have two main driving interests. One is the art of our Neolithic ancestors which links us with contemporary Aboriginal world views. The other is the overlooked history of exploitation and short sighted pursuit of power and false wealth on which our human world has been based. I relate to the growing longing for sustainable lifestyles and connection with the Earth as mother to all life.

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