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I love being outdoors. I used to be focused on getting to the top, reaching the end and, sometimes, going quickly. Now, whilst I still enjoy those things, I also like to look around the corner and sit a while in quiet appreciation. There’s lots to appreciate. Not just the grand view or the dramatic panorama, but also the small details that knit together to make the fabric of the land. These are the things that inspire me to use my camera in an attempt to tell the story of these places and times.

But the camera is only the first step in this process, as it is only capable of making a documentary recording of the moment I press the shutter button. My aim is to create an artistic image that reflects my thoughts, feelings and observations from that moment and to do this I need to add some of my personality to the camera’s mechanical output. I do this by using computer software; not to add dramatic skies were there was none or alter appearances beyond the realistic, but to adjust the flat collection of data from the camera’s sensor so that it better represents me.

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