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Cressida Mason-Hornby

07970 962 311
Henridding, Burton-In-Kendal LA6 1NL
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Originally from Sussex, I moved to Cumbria just over 20 years ago. As a life long collector of beads, with a passion for colour and patterns, I trained and worked in interior design for a number of years both in London and Cumbria. A successful career making Jewellery led to my fascination with bead embroidery, where now I design intricate artwork using glass and semi-precious beads and occasional found ‘treasures’.

My style falls into two distinct categories; firstly, creating colourful, fluid, abstract and geometric shapes and patterns; secondly, a more regimented style, translating words into International Morse Code and beading this code into aesthetically beautiful works of art. My Morse Code work is usually commission only and includes poems, songs, the Ukrainian national anthem, and love letters (both to humans and a family pet)!

Additional artwork may be viewed on my website, together with contact details should you wish to discuss a commission without any obligation.

I work from my home studio near Kirkby Lonsdale.

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