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Corinne Young

Studio 132 Main Street, Warton, Carnforth, Lancs LA5 9PJ
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I am a textile artist who creates botanically-inspired, three-dimensional embroidered artwork. I completed a degree in Textile Design at Bradford College in 2003, and still use the handmade flax fibre paper I developed then as a base for my embroidery. This plant based material is robust and has a natural stiffness, which works really well with the layers of stitch to make my sculptures.

My current collections are all about the flowers I study in my garden; antique botanical books; flower myths and meanings; and artefacts found in museums and historic houses (particularly 17th century stumpwork).

I create stitched 3D botanical sculptures which are always in flower, and can bring everlasting joy to their owners. They have quickly become my most popular products. These future heirloom pieces are delicate in feel and reflect the complexity and fragility of their subject matter.

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