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I seek to portray my passion for colour and pattern through the narrative of everyday village life. Acrylic Ink allows me to use colour in a way that is both playful and fun. My paintings have been described as ‘happy paintings’ as people always smile on viewing them. I am fascinated by the shapes, colours and patterns in our villages and towns, and often incorporate drainpipes, TV Aerials, telegraph poles and nearly always a cat!

I work from a Studio at my home in the seaside village of Storth and am influenced by my surroundings which includes the sea, and boats, tiny hamlets, villages and towns in both Cumbria and Lancashire. I also travel extensively, always with a sketchbook , arriving back home full of inspiration and eager to paint the scenes and ideas that I have sketched.

Another big influence in my Art is Africa, where I lived for many years and I believe my love for these vibrant, exciting colours and big bold shapes stems from this part of my life.

In 2012 I was selected as an Artist for the London Olympic Games, to tell the story of the London Olympics through my paintings. I completed many paintings at that time, of Sports people, Olympic venues and events and my work was displayed at Team GB House, at major venues attended by Team GB and on the giant screens around London during that time.

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