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Chris Tribble

01539 738908
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I am photographer (amongst other things), based in Kendal and London. Most of my practice is situated in a documentary tradition in which I’ve tried to make honest accounts of the things people do in their public and private lives. I’ve had exhibitions in Colombo, Sarajevo, Warsaw, Belfast and London, and have undertaken documentary assignments for the British Council and other international NGOs. My performance photographs have been used by, amongst others, Teatr Polski (Warsaw), ECM Records, The King’s Head Theatre, and OperaUpClose.

I started using digital media in the late 1990s – scanning slides and negatives and learning how to deal with a colour managed printing workflow. I moved to digital capture in the early 2000s and, for the moment, haven’t found a reason for returning to analogue media. Alongside my own photographic work I am interested in helping others to produce archive quality exhibition prints.

Since moving to Cumbria in 2013 I have been trying to bring earlier experience to bear on new projects. The first of these has involved a reconsideration of landscape photography and an engagement with a deeper understanding of the ecology of the area around Kendal. This has led to an exhibition 18 Tree Portraits (Brewery Arts Centre June / July 2018). I am currently exploring other topics.

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