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Cherrie Trelogan

015395 61164
07884 440336
Studio Freten Cottage, 2, Church View, Natland, Kendal LA9 7QR
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Instagram @cherrieart_

I studied Fine and History of Art in Leicester and the USA, before training to be a curator. Now retired, I am enjoying more time to explore my own creativity.

As a student, most of my work was figurative, using oils and printmaking but I am currently working in mixed media. Feltmaking has been an ongoing interest, since I first came into contact with it as a newly qualified curator at Abbot Hall Art Gallery in the early 1980s.

Collections and interpretation have been key parts of my working life and I continue to collect snippets from everyday life, in diaries and folded books and sketchbook work plays an important role in everything I do. What we collect, inherit and leave behind, personally and genetically, fascinates me. I also enjoy collaborating with other artists as part of a Sketchbook Circle.

My current mantra is ‘May Contain’, as I am exploring some of the ways that objects, marks, colours and shapes contain layers of personal history, feelings, memories, thoughts about the future and our relationship with the natural world.

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