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Briony studied Fine Art painting at Manchester Metropolitan University and now lives and works in Lancaster.

Inspired by walks in the nearby lake district and her travels to Scotland and its beautiful islands her paintings are usually in acrylic inks or mixed media. Most obvious in her work is the use of colour, line and contrast. Her paintings are expressive and evoke feelings of being outside in the wind, the sun or the rain. Paint is explored in a free and fluid way but the basis of drawing is always apparent.

A recent series of paintings of Wastwater was inspired by a painting course in the lake district which taught a few important things … to get out in the hills and paint there and then regardless of the weather, and to find the time to paint more.

Briony’s paintings are clean, bright and modern and look beautiful in any setting. For her the most rewarding feeling is knowing someone has seen something of what she saw in a painting and that that painting is now hanging on a wall somewhere being enjoyed by someone for many years to come.

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