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Angela Jackson

38 Leighton Beck Road, Slackhead, Milnthorpe LA7 7AX
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I am a contemporary artist living in the beautiful South Lakes area of Cumbria in the UK. People are my primary subject matter – I see a portrait as just one interpretation of an individual’s narrative. It’s always interesting to attempt to “read between the lines” of this narrative, offering an insight into a self which is intangible, mercurial and sometimes indistinct from the environment that shaped it.

I make a lot of drawings in graphite and charcoal and prefer to paint mainly in oils, as I like the medium’s versatility, longevity and subtlety as well as its challenges.

Please contact me if you would like to commission a portrait.

Living in an AONB gives me lots of opportunity to immerse myself in the local countryside, and I’ve recently started to make landscape portraits too. I find myself handling the paint differently, often employing more of an impasto technique, so I’m interested as to how these works will evolve in the future.

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